Sunday, April 26, 2009

The year is flying by

Artful Garden Tour House 6 of 6
Jeff Dowd & Michaelene Conner
located in Briarlake
The house and garden has a very Asian feel and a great location for some sculptural pieces.
It's a very pleasant blend of modern architecure and traditional japanesse landscaping.

House 5 of 6
Tim McDaniel's house and garden in Toco Hills has a rustic feeling with a lot of hidden little areas and shade to enjoy a hot summers day. There is always a surprise around the next corner.

Garden 4 of 6 The Mansion, Buckhead
This site offers great views of very contemporary architecture played against a formal european garden setting. Could make for some dramatic paintings in the afternoon and mornings.

Garden 3 of 6
Bart and Erica Fanelli's home and garden is a quite woodlands theme with water features and soft irregular plantings that would offer painters a variety of subjects to focus on.

Garden 2 of 6
The home of Robert Norris in Deering Heights is a lush mixture of plantings with a mediterraenean style and beautiful pool. There is a good mixture of sun and shade most of the day.

Garden 1 of 6
The home and garden of Marcy McCall in Morningside is the smallest garden on the tour but offers one of the most interesting blends of architecural elements and variety of plants. It's a fairly shady lot and should offer artists a comfortable environment to paint.

Ok, it's Sunday evening and I've just spent the day thinking, pondering about my life, art and even connections to friends and loved ones and walking through the Inman Park Festival. Sometimes I wish I had a switch to just turn my head off but unfortunately that hasn't worked for me. So my only solution is to keep busy, focused if possible and make some art. Yes it's what I do. I had a teacher at the Academy of Art (John Morgan) who made the observation that I seem to paint my way through my problems. I hadn't realized how true that was at the time but have become so painfully aware of it these days. Being a creative type and really quite social I've filled my life with places to be and things to do. Sometimes I'm so busy it seems like I don't have time to finish anything. What's all this about?

If you have a clue, feel free to share your theory. In the mean time I'll share a little of my life around my art and teaching. Like, for example, I have a show coming up soon at the Griffin Davis Gallery in Atlanta. I'll have about 8 pieces in the show, all figurative/portraits. The gallery gave me the list after looking at my work on All of the pieces are portraits and not really what I would consider figurative but they are putting the show together so it's their call. I'll send out an invitation soon.

Another event fast approaching is the High Museum's Artful Garden Tour on May 16th. The tour will cover 6 fabulous gardens through out Atlanta's neighborhoods and will have plein-air painters as well as examples of pottery and sculpture in the gardens. Please come out and show your support for the High Museum, Artists and Gardeners. Here are some preview shot's of the houses and gardens on the tour. Hope to see you there.

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  1. That's the beauty of any kind of creative endeavor; creativity allows you to express yourself and free your emotions so you are clear and harmonious again. It's why most artists create. Isn't it fantastic to be pursuing not only your passion, but also your creative outlet?