Thursday, April 2, 2009

Across the Finish line!

Completed the 30" X 68" commissioned painting and getting it ready for delivery. You can scroll down to see photos of the piece in progress which should give you an idea of how I work from start to finish. The overall result of this piece is pleasant enough and gives on a calm feeling when looking at it. I also feel the painting has good depth of field and is effective in drawing the viewer into the composition. The sense of light is warm and should brighten the room considerably. All of these were concerns of the client and desires they had in commissioning a painting.

For me, I'll say this is not what I would normally choose to do as a subject but it gave me a chance to stretch my skills and work on composing a composition that would strongly direct the viewers eye. I would also like to say that working on such a horizontal format presented it's own unique challenges which I feel I was successful at handling.

As always waiting for the clients reaction is a bit nerve racking but I'm confident that they will be pleased with the result once the painting is in place.

As you can see this is not a small piece. This photo was taken in progress just after I started bringing up the light areas. If you compare it to the final image you'll see quite a change in brightness of the colors and increased contrast throughout the whole painting. From this point I'd estimate that about 60 percent of the canvas received additional layers of paint till it was finished.

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