Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Better day, moving forward.

I ended yesterday with a few hours painting and produced a good solid little painting of avocados around midnight. Not a bad way to end the day!  

I had woken up early and got right to painting after a hard day yesterday. I started with a tangelo which I peeled in a spiral. I took some time looking at it from various angles with extreme lighting and settled on a composition that was landscape in nature. I started quickly checking the proportions and blocking in the shadows and light areas. Then moved into the mid-tones which pretty much completed the painting. I hit the painting again with the final layers of strong light and then found and restated the darkest accents in the piece. In all I was pleased with the result.  Even better the piece sold 5 hours after I had completed it.

Tomorrow brings the gallery opening reception and a chance to meet a larger circle of friends. If you read this please feel free to leave comments and any thoughts you might have. Your feedback is always welcomed. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday, Good Day, Bad Day, Tough Day!

Monday, Good day, Bad Day, Tough Day!  

That sort of sums it up for me right now. On a good note I got up this morning feeling focused and positive. I had had little sleep last night due to the fact that I was dropping off a sample portrait to the High Museum for an auction. I spent a good deal of the night designing a gift certificate for the auction and had a real struggle getting the colors to print correctly. It worked out though and I did get it in on time, after which I went to the Monday morning drawing group at the Atlanta Artists Center.  The model was Angie and she was wonderful to paint. For that time at least any troubles I had seemed so far away. Maybe that's why I keep at it, to experience that peaceful feeling when the rest of my world seems to be in such turmoil. 

The High Art Day's Auction was over by 4pm and I went back to pick up my sample portrait. No word yet on weather the gift certificate sold. I'll hear in a few days. I hate waiting to find out about stuff like this. I did sell one small painting today from a show that opened last Friday. I'm hoping for more sales as time goes on. The show will be up until mid December.  Junor Gallery is having it's opening this week as well on Thursday so I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. 

First, let me say thank you to everyone who responded to my email notice about this blog. Many of you had suggestions of how to make this engaging to those who would follow it, keep it fresh and keep them wanting to return. I will be following many of your suggestions, by adding content and links to other sites that talk about Art, Painting and living a creative life.

The main focus of this blog for me though is to have a platform to show and discuss the work I'm creating. Revealing my thoughts about the pieces as they develop and getting comments from all of you, I feel is important in my finding a direction for my work to move in. I hope it will also help me find a voice that has been missing in my work for too long. Like most creative people I have my own judgments about my work and sometimes don't really know the motivations that make me want to create it. I've taught for so long that I probably over analyze the process and just need to turn the thinking part of my brain off long enough to let what's inside come out in the paint.

Where all this leads is anyone's guess. I'm betting it's going to be a fun ride though and along the way I hope to make some friends, help others to get painting or expressing themselves. I personally think we just don't have enough creative thinking and rebellion in the world, so stirring the pot as it were could only come to some interesting creative solutions and help us think about freeing ourselves from the boundaries we keep putting in our own way.

Today I have 3 small offerings I created over the weekend. I'm happy with the results and have tried to up the challenge from my previous couple of pieces. What these have in common is my effort to make them less symmetrical, to lead the eye across the canvas to a destination where a story is revealed. I'm hoping to engage the viewer, to begins a conversation in which the viewer can participate by filling in the details and making the story more personal.

"So Good"(Shrimp with lemon wedges) was the first of this group. It was a challenge to get the feeling of things being wet. To accomplish this I had to be careful with my value relationships and place the high lights carefully.

"Tasty - Arkansas Blacks" (Apples) is very much about telling a story and engaging the viewer. It uses a simple device of a progression across the canvas to carry you to a conclusion. Like most stories it starts out innocently enough, is then faced with some sort of challenge (being cut in two) and finally left to wither and dry up like bones in the desert.  That's my story, you can read your own into it.

"Showing some Independence" is another narrative piece. I weighed the composition heavily to the right and let that one lone grape add some balance all on its own to the far left. I feel like that grape most of the time.

If you'd like to see these pieces in person you can visit Junor Gallery in Decatur GA.  They are having a opening reception this Thursday from 6pm till 9pm.  I will have nine pieces in the show and yes they are for sale. So showing up an buying some art would be appreciated.  Gallery details are as follows:
Junor Gallery Fine Art  
  A Royal Season
November 20 - January 15 
    Opening Reception
Thursday Nov. 20, 6 - 9 pm
114 E Ponce De Leon Ave
Decatur, GA 30030
Sun. 12-5 pm
Tues., Wed., Fri. 11 am-6 pm
Thurs. 11 am-7 pm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm uploading some new pieces I finished. I've been painting at least one of these a day and thus far happy with the results. Feel free to comment, I'd be happy to know your 
thoughts. This is part of my painting a day series that I intend to continue till I build up my eye and skills and
I can turn off my brain and let it flow.

Getting started!

OK, time to dive in and start getting my art out into the world. So here is my first step in creating this blog to share with friends and others who will become friends. I want to connect with people who have a love and passion for painting and the arts. Weather you are a collector, gallery or artist I'd be happy to hear your ideas and thoughts. I'll be posting work on a regular basis as well as my thoughts, experiences and happenings with my art, teaching and adventures.  Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts and just stay in touch.