Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pushing Paint Around, Self Portrait, Alla Prima

This oil self portrait was painted last night and in the wee hours of the morning. It's on an 12" X 16" wood panel. Just couldn't sleep so thought it would be more productive to paint than watch the infomercials. Besides, I have a figurative show coming up in early May at the Griffin Davis Gallery and mainly what they have selected are portraits and clothed studies. The focus of the show is figures but in day to day slice of life type images. I'm somewhat disappointed that I won't be showing many nudes, since I have a ton of them but I'm not curating the show.

Personally I find self portraits a very helpful and revealing explorations. Like most of us I try not looking in the mirror too long or with my glasses on. So instead, I get the full force of the tole the year has taken on me by painting the occasional self portrait. All joking aside though, a study like this reveals more than just the aging process. It is a great way to freely explore how your brush work and color skills have developed over the years. It also reveals the interior landscape
of ones self, maybe a little too well, and the state of ones life.

Happily, I can say I'm very proud of this painting even if it is of me! The brush work is strong and deliberate while not being fussy and overworked. Yes I wanted to noodle but resisted.
Hmmm, must be making some progress!

Hope this will inspire you to try the same, see what you learn and get out of your tight little circle. So turn on some tunes, get a cup of joe, wine or tea if you must and start swinging that brush. Happy painting!


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