Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Better day, moving forward.

I ended yesterday with a few hours painting and produced a good solid little painting of avocados around midnight. Not a bad way to end the day!  

I had woken up early and got right to painting after a hard day yesterday. I started with a tangelo which I peeled in a spiral. I took some time looking at it from various angles with extreme lighting and settled on a composition that was landscape in nature. I started quickly checking the proportions and blocking in the shadows and light areas. Then moved into the mid-tones which pretty much completed the painting. I hit the painting again with the final layers of strong light and then found and restated the darkest accents in the piece. In all I was pleased with the result.  Even better the piece sold 5 hours after I had completed it.

Tomorrow brings the gallery opening reception and a chance to meet a larger circle of friends. If you read this please feel free to leave comments and any thoughts you might have. Your feedback is always welcomed. 

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