Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting started!

OK, time to dive in and start getting my art out into the world. So here is my first step in creating this blog to share with friends and others who will become friends. I want to connect with people who have a love and passion for painting and the arts. Weather you are a collector, gallery or artist I'd be happy to hear your ideas and thoughts. I'll be posting work on a regular basis as well as my thoughts, experiences and happenings with my art, teaching and adventures.  Please feel free to comment, share your thoughts and just stay in touch.


  1. Charles,

    You are a talented artist. It amazes me that you can do what you do. That your hand can move in the way it does with a brush and generate what is in your heart, mind, and wherever else you paint from. And to know what color next to dab the brush in next and... etc.

    What a gift you have. Thanks for sharing it with me and the rest of the world in this way. I may not otherwise have the pleasure of taking it in.


  2. Charles,
    I wish I could have attended your opening last night. I am such a fan of your work, and enjoy studying it for design and composition, as well as use of color and value. You are a superior talent. Keep me posted on any classes you plan to hold, especially if they focus on those aspects of developing a painting. If I can muster up the funds, I'd be foolish not to take advantage of your expertise.