Sunday, March 8, 2009

Springing forward!

OK, it's March already and we are springing forward which means we get a bit more light to play in for the next 7 months or so. It is time to get out and paint, draw, and make art and new friends along the way.

So here is just a little about what I've been up to the past few weeks. First of all I've been keeping busy, happy and for the most part letting the stress go. Things seem to be picking up in the Art Market, people are a least thinking about and talking about buying or commissioning art which brings some real joy to my heart. As things develop and projects are confirmed I'll let you know.

I've been staying busy lately, lots of drawing and painting recently and here are some of the things I've done over the past week or two.

These are a few of the drawings I've done lately. I try to draw from life a couple of times a week now to sharpen my eye and skill. The images above are from Shane McDonalds Figure Drawing Group on Wednesday evenings. I've also been trying to make Suzy Shult's Group as well and the Atlanta Artists Center Monday morning group that I book models for. I have a student that attends that group as well and I'm encouraging her to draw from life more and more. The progress she is making is nothing short of amazing.

View of Kennesaw Mtn. and Little Kennesaw Mtn. painted Plein Air this last Friday. What a perfect day to be out painting. The light changing was the challenge here. It kept shifting back and forth as the clouds rolled over the mountains for most of the day till early  evening.
Another view on Saturday earlier in the day.
A tree study from Friday afternoon.

These are studies I did of a shell as a demo for my student Katina. I'm starting her off in paint and showing her how to build an under-painting in oils. The top image I did later for myself,
just because I really enjoyed the process and they would make nice little pieces for a gallery. 

After I did a demo I had her do this study in my studio. I know this looks deceptively simple but if you've ever tried something like this you'll discover it is not as easy as it looks. This is a good first attempt but I can tell you for certain that in 3 months she will see much more subtle change in the value than she perceives now.


These are some of my painting buddies out doing the thing we love.
Above is Rick Paller,  The photo above him are Shane McDonald and Marge.

Crazy weather right, what follows are a few shots I took while enjoying the show and dramatic skies lately.  Not what you think of when you talk about Atlanta.

The third and forth windows from the left is my place. I look out them facing north when I'm working in my studio.

This looking down the railroad tracks just across the street from my place where the Belt Line will be in about 10 to 15 years. Believe it or not this is all suppose to be a sculpture park and walk way along the tracks.  For now its a great scene to paint at times like this.

An earlier sunrise shot that morning.

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  1. Great hand!
    Also, the photo of the sun coming down the tracks is incredible!! PAINT IT!!