Monday, August 16, 2010

Some new Art, thoughts on creative living and the state of the world around us!

Hi everyone, Yes it's been a little too long since my last entry on this page. No, at this rate I'll never make the "Painting a Day website". So maybe I'll have to set some new goals that may be even bigger and more important to me and my creative spirit. I think (for me) it's time to up the risk and push the envelope a bit. My goal was to produce a lot of work over the past year which in some ways I did and feel successful at that. I've talked a bit about pushing myself, making my work more revealing of my inner self and connecting to the juicy stuff that many of us keep buried deep and safely within us. So maybe it's time to let a bit of that out into the light of day and see what comes up for me, as well as you my audience. I'd ask that you make a comment and leave your thoughts on what your seeing and hearing from this page. They will of course be welcomed and if you should find something that resonates with you, please feel free to share it and this blog with your friends.

Very different I know, this is a collage piece I did as a demo for my mixed media class. I very much enjoyed the imagery I found.

This is another Collage piece I did as a demo for a class. This time all the imagery was created rather than found. I also added some unusual elements just to keep everyone on their toes.

Another collage piece which I felt was very successful and incorporated many different technics to create rich textures and surfaces.

So on to the juicier stuff, visual candy etc. My work for Fulton County has given me an opportunity to explore a media I had only briefly dabbled in during my collage years. Clay and mud for me bring me back to my childhood when I could spend a full day playing in the stuff, make my version of the world and destroy it if I felt like it. There was an unbridled freedom in my youth that I and I suspect many of us have lost the connection to. Lately my art has taken some definite turns in direction I had not intentionally meant to explore. I find myself working more in clay, thinking more in clay and seeing things more in the round than ever before. Depth and weight seem to be areas I seem to fixate on more often. With that being said, on with the show!

This Mug is a seed pod and spiral design I came up with. I kept the colors organic in feel to go with the pattern. The piece is somewhat reminiscent of Arts and Crafts period pottery which is one of my favorite art movements.

This is another very organic feeling piece using a circular and spiral design motif. This pitcher was constructed from slabs of clay and glazed with at least 8 different color glazes.

This double flower vase was constructed using the coil method and is shown at the bisque stage currently. The brown coloration is a chocolate brown slip painted over a white clay body, then white slip is painted on over the brown. The shape as well as the surface decoration take on a rather tribal feeling which I like. I will glaze the piece later in a transparent glaze to finish it but wanted to share it with you in progress.

This is a crazy little remnant bowl was fun to construct out of scrap pieces of clay at the end of the day. It has about 5 different colored glazes on the body.

This is the next evolution of my female figurative series. My intention was to try and capture a fluid sense of motion and though she is very thick in reality, try to make her feel light or almost weightless. I feel that I've got it, so more are due to come later.

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