Monday, May 31, 2010

Thanks for the Encouragement, My thoughts on Sex and the Constitution!

OK, I've heard back from many of my friends and those that follow this blog and I appreciate the fact that you find what I have to say somewhat humorous and true. I suppose the thing that makes something funny is the fact that it is true and it suddenly dawns on us how stupid it is that we've been putting up with it for most of our lives. That realization can take one down too many paths to even begin to explore here, besides this blog is really about making art and living a creative life. I'd have to start a whole other blog about the silly things I've observed myself and others doing through life.

This was painted on the Artful Garden Tour in May 2010, oil
on panel, sold to Marty Gillian who is the owner of the
home and garden.

For example, let's talk about sex. Sex bar none has gotten me into more trouble than any other act I've personally committed in my life. It suddenly came to me one morning while making bagels standing in the kitchen in my bath robe in front of the toaster why that was. I'm male! No really, that's not an excuse it's just a physiological fact that I'm a male and I have a penis. Logic would follow that if and when I become aroused, the blood flow that normally keeps my brain functional and lucid, now is pooled down in my lower regions therefore cutting off any chance that my brain will be functioning at its normal optimal levels. So as many men do I'm apt to say something totally stupid or inappropriate during the coarse of intercourse. That one gets us every time guys! How many times can you remember lying in bed and saying to your partner how much you enjoyed the fantastic orgasm you just had of which they were the catalyst. Probably none, because all your blood and oxygen were still where? No you rolled over and muttered something akin to this " I wuv you" which is all the speech you could probably muster at the moment. Women on the other hand are a totally different story! They have an orgasm and immediately as sharp as a tack, wanting another and ready to pounce on any opportunity! This is true for the very same reasons as men being in an oxygen deprived stupper, women have a clitoris which is small. Yes it gets erect but they don't have all of their blood trying to hold it up! On top of all of that, if you can't comply to their need for more sex, then they want to talk to you, which you are not capable of at the moment, which is why you let slip those almost indestiquishable words!

That little white flag of surrender has probably undid more empires and laid waste to more civilizations than anything else on the planet except religion. Just for example, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Helen of Troy, need I go any further. I don't really have a good idea as to how to solve this because we are just made the way we are. The only thing I could think of is that we need to amend the constitution and reorder it. The first amendment should read something like this:

When in the coarse of physical intercourse no verbal intercourse will have any legal bearing for the next 24 hours due to the impaired judgements that will follow there after. Only after that cooling off period can either party engage in the making of a contract and only written and witnessed contracts will be admissible in a court of law!

If that were the case, our legal system would have a lot more time on it's hands! It was just a thought, now I'm going to draw a naked women! You have yourself a beautiful day!

This little effort is one of my favorites. It was
from life and the mask adds a sense of
mystery to it!


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