Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend, New Art!

"Farther down the track"
Happy Labor Day, I'm toiling away at pushing some paint around this 3 day weekend. This first little offering was painted plein air yesterday from 5:30 to 8pm. It's just across the street from my loft and since moving in I've wanted to paint it. Something about those strong vanishing points as well as the many layers of greens. Personally I think it was a success.

" Three Bad Apples"
In spite the fact that this appears to be a still life, it in fact is a narrative piece with personal meaning to me. It is in fact a portrait of my relationship with two friends, each of which are going through a personal crisis. I myself have a few of those beautiful blemishes that life provides us and have the scars to prove it. In this present time I see more of my friends struggling not only financially but with relationship and health issues, lack of work and in general low self esteem. This too will pass though as all things do. I'm an optimist, OK!

"Metropolitan Nude Study"
I've found a hidden treasure in my neighborhood! There has been a group of artists meeting for the past 8 years for figure drawing on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 at Metropolitan College.
The group is organized by James Taylor and is small, but talented. We meet in room 343 in building 500 and the cost is $10.00 USD. We meed in the colleges art studio so there are easels and tables available to use. Painting and drawing is OK and the group does one long pose for most of the night after a few gesture poses to warm up. I like it because the long pose gives me an opportunity to paint something nearly to the complete stage. Come join us!

"Terry and Sue Powers House"
I was invited to paint at a friends house with several of my painting buddies. What a wonderful day, sitting out painting the best that summer has to offer before the fall comes and most of the flowers go away. Terry is a big gardener and this year everything really took off. It's almost jungle like getting to his front door but the color and smells are well worth the trip. Terry doesn't drink coffee so bring your own!

"Ellijay Creek"

I started this little acrylic piece two years ago and since have walked by it every day with it talking to me. So since I had the paint out I added just those final touches to finish it. Ahhh,
all better now!

Hope you had a happy and productive Labor Day, now get back to the paint brushes!

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