Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I'd like to start this post with a thank you and remember my ancestors from both sides of the ocean. Many struggled and gave their lives so that I and yes even we could have the privilege of living our lives in relative freedom. You can think about that if you want!

I'm most thankful for the moment about the opportunities before me. Life, work and even my social life are rather rich and full these days. You could say "I'm content" with life at the moment. I'm a single guy still, but enjoying the process of seeing who is out there! On the artistic front, I have a few projects that I'm excited about. I'd like to share the start of the project I'm currently working on which is a portrait I'm doing for an up-coming competition. I'm sure as the project develops my ideas about it will as well and it will probably go through several changes along the way. I'm hoping that by following the progress of the project you will be able to see my process and hopefully understand some of what I try and pass on to my students.

These are shots of the painting in progress after the first afternoon. I try to work in large simple blocks to build the composition and value structure of the painting.

I do very little drawing and only with the brush because I'll loose it in the process of painting over it, so why bother.

If you get the shapes and proportions correct the painting will look like what your seeing in front of you.

The first sitting was taken up with selecting the appropriate pose and clothing.

My working palette, please notice the layout and division of colors and how I organize the colors into earth, warm and cool colors. I also put large amounts of paint out which will skin over after a few days making the paint like a tube which will stay on my palette for several weeks. I like less set up time so I can go right to work when I'm ready.

Hope this inspires you to push some paint around! So just get out and do it!


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